For patients and their families:

  • Patients will be supported within a community setting, where appropriate, to maintain their health and independence
  • The way care is provided will be easier to understand, making it easier to use services
  • Patients will be supported to manage their own health, with help to increase their knowledge and confidence to take shared responsibility for their health and wellbeing
  • Professionals will share relevant, secure information between services, meaning patients and their families will have to give their medical history less frequently
  • Patients will still be able to choose between NHS and independent providers of healthcare commissioned by the partnership, as is their legal right within the NHS Constitution

For health and care professionals:

  • Our teams will be part of new ways of working that better meet the needs of local people
  • Working collaboratively will create new and flexible roles, with development opportunities for staff and increased job satisfaction
  • Health and care professionals will have more time to spend with people who need their help
  • Shared records and increased data sharing (where relevant and secure) will allow more timely access to patient information
  • There will be improved communication between primary and secondary care clinicians, e.g. direct contact between GPs and hospital consultants
  • New technology and improved communication between services will make working lives easier and more efficient

For the health and care economy:

  • Shared knowledge, resources and expertise between organisations will deliver the best care possible
  • Better use of resources will reduce waste and duplication of efforts
  • Support functions, such as IT, will work more efficiently through closer joint working
  • Stronger relationships between partner organisations will benefit the local population
  • By removing boundaries we will be able to provide safer, more coordinated care
  • We will make the most of our collective money by working across organisational boundaries for the common good of the whole system, helping all partners to achieve long-term financial balance
  • Services will be sustainable, adaptable and fit for the future

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