The Fylde Coast health and care partnership brings NHS, council and voluntary organisations together to improve health and care.

The challenges facing health and care are well documented, therefore it is crucial that we make better use of our joint resources, including staff, services and money.

The partnership will work together to a common vision: ‘improving health and care together’.

Our strengthened partnership builds on, and formalises, our well-established way of working, which has already vastly improved community-based services and patient outcomes.

As changes are made to the way we work, some of the language around the transformation can be a little confusing. While we will always try to make things as easy to understand as possible, it might be worth having a look at our glossary of terms Healthier Lancs and South Cumbria :: Glossary of terms (

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Developing Integrated Care

Over the last few years in Lancashire and South Cumbria, a number of organisations have been working in a more collaborative way. This includes NHS organisations, local authorities, the voluntary, community, faith and social enterprise (VCFSE) sector, hospices and local universities.

We have already made great progress in improving the way our services work together and how we work as a partnership. Joining up health and care is nothing new – we have been working towards this for some years, and we want to build on this excellent work. This includes further strengthening the incredible joint working we have seen throughout the Covid-19 pandemic, which has made a massive difference to the lives of local people and their families.

You can read about how we are working together to integrated care across Lancashire and South Cumbria in our Delivering Integrated Care narrative.

Find out more: Integrated Care in Lancashire and South Cumbria

A place-based partnership is a collaboration of planners and providers across health, local councils, the voluntary sector and the wider community who take collective responsibility for improving the health and wellbeing of residents within a place.

Read more: Developing place-based partnerships in Lancashire and South Cumbria

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